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100 spoke rims, chrome or gold for your custom low rider

A great way to customize your low rider is with 100 spoke rims. With the popularity of low riders, spoked wheels was sure to follow. No 64 Chevy Impala is complete without a set of these aftermarket wire wheels. Imagine the look of wire rims on an old school Chevy, nothing can beat it!

Some of the top brands that manufacturer 100 spoke wheels include, Star, American Racing, LA, Dayton, Pinnacle, O.G., Borrani, Dayton, LA Wire, Supreme Wire, American wire wheel company, Player, Roadster, Pinnacle Wire, Luxor, Zenith and Cragar.

You can find wire wheels for your car or truck in 100 spokes in chrome as well as gold plated rims. This the classic and original lowrider look, any other style doesn't compare. And if you have a motorcycle you're in luck because you can find 100 spokes for your motor bike as well. Put some cool knock offs on the wire wheels and you're ready to cruise the streets.

And by the way you can find spoke wire wheels in other sizes such as 30, 100, 144, 150, 180 and 204 spoke wheels.

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