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Rota Rims: The best of the best!

When you are ready to put the best looking aluminum rims on your new Acura, then Rota rims are the only way to go! Made in the Philippines, Rota wheels are the leading alloy rims on the market. Made with an innovative design, you can count on these wheels to really set off any vehicle you want to put them on. The Rota gang swears that their rims will “leave the rest in the dust” and with one look at their works of art, you’ll understand why!

Known as the Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Inc., Rota has been making impressive rims for quite awhile. Using only the highest quality materials, their awesome engineering reflects from the inside out! Shipping their wheels internationally has been a major factor in the success of this company.

Exporting their awesome mags to 17 countries, Rota boasts of “total customer satisfaction” and it is easy to see why! There are many sizes, styles, finishes and prices that make up the Rota line of rims. You can easily find a set of Rota designed wheels to fit any Honda, Acura and Ford (to name a few) that is made! The easiest way to give your ride a fresh new look is to put a shiny new set of rims on it.

From 16 inches and up, Rota mags are available in many different models, including: Action, Attack, Battle, Burnout, Competition, Cosmo, Devour, Extreme, G-Force, intensity, Machspeed, Python, Ranger and Zodiac Spoke. They are made in many different finishes and colors, including: gun metallic, steel grey, hyper silver, silver, black, charcoal grey, and bronze metallic, so that you can pick the ones that will look the very best on your ride!

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