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Gold rims, just about as flashy as your ride can get

Personalizing a stock production vehicle with all sorts of eye-catching accessories is becoming more common than ever, but nothing is more popular than custom gold rims. You can make your ride as flashy as ever when you add a set of gold wheels to them. These aftermarket mags are sure to catch everyone’s eye as you cruise down the strip.

Find discounted prices on full gold rims, gold spider rims, gold tri-blade, spinning gold rims or gold wheel centers like the OZ Superleggera – Race Gold wheels that have 35mm offset, 17”, 5/100 bolt pattern and is 16.6 lbs or the Racing Hart Type CR (Multi Piece) - Gold Wheels that are 19 inches with a 22mm offset.

You can have almost any style of chrome rims dipped in gold. Other custom rim manufacturers that offer gold plated wheels are Dayton, Falken, Davin, Omega, Verde Scorpion, Arospeed, BBS, Luxor, L.A wire, Spintek, and Assanti.

If custom rims made of gold are just a bit to flashy for your ride, do not worry you can find many different colors of custom wheels and rims online like Black, Bronze, machined, Chrome, Graphite, Grey, mirror, polished, Gunmetal, Silver, Titanium and even custom painted red rims.

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