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Customize that beautiful Harley Davidson Fat Boy with Wire Wheels & rims!

Wire wheels can be the perfect accent to any vehicle. Whether you drive a VW car, Ford truck, Escalade SUV, Euro van or Harley motorcycle, you can find wire rims in every class. You will get the attention you deserve when the town sees you rolling on spoke wheels!

You need some custom wheels of wire to make it really shine! A set of aftermarket wire rims can make all the difference in creating an auto that is truly original.

The sizes of the wire wheels include: 15", 16", 17", 18", 20", 22", 24", and the huge 26". Chances are that if you are currently driving a Cadillac Escalade ESV or Fiat Spyder, you've had you eye on these special chrome wire spoke wheels, right? They take that sleek custom effect you have created and kick it up a notch.

Models of the chrome and gold wire rims include: 30 spoke, 100 spoke, 144, 150 spoke, 180, 204 spokes, spinning and crimped. You can have them customized to your specifications, or buy them already finished and easy to go. Possible finishes include: Brushed, anodized, colored, gold, chrome, etc... That should be enough options to really make that Vintage Caddy look irresistible!

There are many wire wheel makers such as, Star, American Racing, LA, Dayton, Pinnacle, O.G., Borrani and Cragar. I f you will take a little time to research exactly what model you would be interested in owning, you can find yourself a lot of businesses competing for you on-line.

Browse through the site at 1010tires.com to view a multitude of wire rims. You may also want to try ebay.com and see what may be up for auction. Other resources include: customwheel.com, discountedwheelwarehouse.com and discountpartscenter.com.

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